Rafael Portrait

Welcome to Allegiance Legal,

Each person brings their particular personality to what they do.  Law firms too have their personalities, so that though there are many, and though they might have the same practice areas, each one is as unique as its people.  At Allegiance Legal we provide top notch and top value services. But what makes us unique is our special allegiance to our clients—our sense of respect, obligation and fidelity towards them.


Rafael A. Icaza is a versatile and creative attorney with a successful track record in civil and appellate litigation, employment and labor law counseling and litigation, business formation and administration, administrative proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings and wills and trusts.

Rafael’s achievements as a litigator include substantial participation with plaintiffs’ counsel in the landmark class-action case Frank v. United Air Lines, Inc., 216 F.3d 845 (9th Cir. 2001), certiorari denied, 121 S.Ct. 1247, where the Ninth Circuit held that United Air Lines’ weight policy for flight attendants violated Title VII.

He has also authored a number of professional articles, on topics such as Wage and Hour Law, “Business Entities that can Limit Liability and Reduce Taxes” (La Oferta); “Employee Assistance Programs: What Your Clients Need to Know” (California Labor and Employment Law Quarterly; and “Fast, Cheap and Efficient? Mandatory Arbitration of Employment Disputes” (San Francisco Attorney). His Berkeley, California, law firm, Duran, Ochoa & Icaza, LLP, received the Alameda County Bar Association’s Firm Distinguished Service Award.

Rafael has experience as a General Counsel attorney, having worked with Viridis Fuels, a start-up biodiesel company. He also worked as staff counsel for the State of California in the Department of Water Resources and in the Board of Equalization. He also represented peace officers and public employees and unions.

Rafael is an active member of the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, where he volunteers as an Ambassador, welcoming the Chamber’s new members and helping them profit from their membership. As a fluent Spanish speaker, he works closely with clients who may not be fluent in English. Rafael is a member of the Roseville Success Link chapter of BNI (Business Networks International).




  • Determination of best business format for clients’ particular business
  • Reservation of company name, registration of the business with the California Secretary of State
  • Draft Bylaws and other documents
  • Draft wills and trusts
  • Trust Funding (i.e., transfer clients’ assets to their respective trusts
  • Respond to federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or California Department of Fair Employment and Housing questionnaires
  • Draft Employee Handbooks
  • Bring or defend lawsuits
  • Represent clients in Administrative proceedings